Friday, 19 June 2009

The Discovery of the Shelless Ones


This blog continues the snail chronicles. Describing the beginning of the day when the slugs came out from beneath the cloak of darkness into the light. It sets the scene for one of the most horrific days in snail religion history.

Chapter Two

The feeling of freedom can make us giddy. It can spin us in circles and it makes our minds and bodies dizzy with its hedonistic feeling. We appear drunk on its lure and promise. Yet freedom can be mirage and you can find yourself hindered and imprisoned within its heady glow.

The shell-less snails became drunker upon freedom’s sensations and imbued with its feelings of power they became reckless. The night time was no longer enough. They needed more, they wanted to feel the sun’s scorching sun upon their backs, they wanted to crawl upon their bellies up the long stems of flowers without the weight of the shell. They needed to twist their bodies around the sweet fragrant petals of the flower and rub its saccharine scent upon the length of their bodies.

And so the inevitable occurs

The leader of the unshelled snails took matters into his own antennas

It was spring on that day, the day that started it all. It was said that the birds sang of the fore-coming doom that was about to descend upon the snail community. They sang low and mellow, casting anticipation throughout nature’s community. Insects were nervous, the wind whispered to them of change.

The snails were scattered around the land, some were eating the lettuce, some were making love to themselves, others were making love to others.

According to the records, there was a particularly large orgy going on in a meadow near a burbling brook. It had started around the early hours of the morning, when two snails who met by chance upon the banks of the water, had found they had a common interest and love of a particular type of lettuce leaf that was not often found in these parts. This led to their entwining and snails upon seeing this couples complete devotion to each other and each other’s bodies, could not help but get swept up in eruption of the passionate lovemaking they were witnessing and threw their shelled bodies into the banquet of sex. Their communion created a surge of rampant lustful feelings spreading through the land, capturing all who stood in its path and causing a worldwide feast of the pleasures of the body.

But it so often happens that when everything seems to be going right, something occurs to destroy all that was good.

Beneath this ideal snail behaviour, this day that began by being the epitome of the snail’s way of life, the nervous feeling of anticipation still ran riot through all the Insect community.

Then it happened

At the large orgy by the bubbling brook an interloper was waiting for the perfect moment in which to strike. The undulating bodies were surging in erotic pleasure beneath his body and he chose the perfect moment to begin the plan. There, encased in lovesoaked snails, he left his shell in the daylight for the first time. He slide from his shell and began to twist and coil his body through the snails around him. Unnoticed at first as the others were out of their minds in ecstasy, he began to loop himself through the throng.

Bit by bit the mass began to realise something was different, something was wrong and so they began to break apart to see what could possibly be at the epicentre of this unrest that had descended upon the community.

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