Friday, 19 June 2009

Lost Fragment of The Journey's from the Snail God and the Snail Pope

This fragment reveals the last time the snail god came down from the heavens and encased itself in a human body and the ensuing adventure that occurred with the snail Pope of that time. They faced armies of dull slugs desperately trying to drag down the duo and turn them into stagnant slugs, ensuring the destruction of the religion we know is the righteous one. Read on to hear about a part of their lives.

...they were lost surrounded by those wishing to turn them to beige and cardboard. In front of them an army of slugs, behind them the vast blue sea.
"hold fast" said God "they shall not have us. We will set sail and find our own parcel of land, where they cannot find us'
"I have an old bed sheet we can use for a sail" said the Pope
"and I have two old wooden legs I purchased in a junk shop in the middle of nowhere that we can use for oars." Said god
"We can open a hospital for all the poor snails who suffer from ailments of the soul, mind, temptation and body," heroically claimed god in a big booming almighty voice
"and I will keep bees," said the pope quietly. "My bee's honey will fuel the snails nectar drink of Mead. And together we will live in harmony."
'We need not the coinage!' they cried in unison 'only alcohol, good friends and snails."
they screamed to the heavens, defying the world to rip apart their small section of the world
But with bee's honey we will stick together the seams of our dreams and they will have no chance.
And with snails antenna's we will communicate so they cannot listen as we blaspheme and rage against them.
'We will be defiant but we will be happy' said the Pope.
'and we will live on honey, bread and Mead' said God.
"We shall not be made of cardboard and beige,' they cried as the wind filled the green sail of their small boat and the sailed into the burning sun to begin their holy snail quest...

here endeth a chapter in the travels of the god and his pope

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  1. Truly an inspiration to alternative living and being.