Friday, 19 June 2009

Introduction to the Snail


This is a blog to inform the world of a new religion. This religion will change your life and make you see the error of your ways. I only ask that you read these blogs and draw your own conclusions but I am confident that you will see what an excellent religion this is. This religion is the Religion of The Snails and is base on the hermaphrodite snails and their way of life.

Viva Snails!

In the beginning were the snails. Shelled beings. They were blessed with both organs and lived a life of pleasure. They made love to themselves. They made love to others. The made love with lots of others and sometimes they made love with lots of others and all at the same time. They would then glide like angels across the green green grass and eat some lettace leaves and then they would go back and make some more love. Such was the way of those first snails. The sun shone and the grass grew around them thick and green encompassing their sleek bodies and shiny shells with its naturistic love. In this idyll the snails entwined themselves within one another and all was well.

This feast of pleasures was not to last and shadows crept in from the depths of the forests and soon the Snail War erupted and all was to be lost in the struggle for supremacy.

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