Friday, 19 June 2009

The beginning


To understand the snails you must understand where they have come from. What has befallen their kind. To truly give yourself over to the snail religion you must bury yourself within their past and comprehend their magnificence. This blog begins the snails chronicles.

Their motto is:

Make Love to Yourself, Not War with Others!!

Though as you will see, to create this adage, much was lost to the snails.

It is said without war we cannot understand peace, therefore how can peace exist. As with most young, the young snails began to become restless with the way of life lead by the forefathers. They wanted to escape and rebel. This smaill faction of snails used to meet at night deep within the forests under the cloak of the shadows to express their views on life to other like-minded souls.

At first, this was enough, but bit by bit they needed more, they craved more and they did more.

There is no record to say exactly when it happened or who began it, but one night at one of these gatherings the snails began to leave thier shells.

They loved the feel of the night air as it caressed their bare backs. They would leave their casings and dance free with the night protected by its long reaching shadows, they would throw caution to the wind and entwine themselves around each other in ecstasy without the burden of a hard immoveable casing upon their backs. The shell became a symbol of repression to this creatures and they began to spend more time without them.

Yet it is a risk to deny part of who you are, as these snails would soon learn.

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